The Vermouth Experience is all about vermouth, and we want to take you on a journey through this wonderful world. We have developed a series of online classes and in situ workshops, teaching you how to make your own vermouth, how to pair vermouth and food, how to make the very best cocktails, and last but not least; we invite you to visit a vermouth producer at their beautiful bodega (wine celler). The classes and workshops can be booked separately or combined into a vermouth masterclass. We have open classes that can be reserved for one person or a small group, and organize customized vermouth experiences for conferences, parties and other events. Please contact us for more information about our classes and workshops, or to start planning a bespoke vermouth experience.

Make Your Own Vermouth

During this Vermouth online class or workshop, we will explore the history of vermouth, what vermouth is made of, how it is made, and how to best enjoy it. At the end of the experience, you will have a bottle of your very own home-made vermouth.

Visit a Vermouth Producer

Join us on a personal visit to a producer of top-quality Vermouth and experience first-hand the whole elaborate process of making quality vermouth. The producer we visit is located in Catalonia, Spain, at about an hour's drive from Barcelona. The visit ends with a guided tasting of eight different vermouth, and can be combined with Spanish tapas.

Pairing Vermouth & Spanish Tapas

In Spain it has become a cultural institution to enjoy vermouth in the company of good friends and family, and preferably with a selection of tapas. In this online class or workshop, we will prepare a selection of montaditos, something delicious on top of a piece of bread, and pair them with different styles of vermouth.

Vermouth Cocktails

Many of us was introduced to vermouth as a drink mixer in classics like Negroni, Manhattan and Dry Martini. In this mixology class or workshop, we expand our horizons and try new and inspiring vermouth cocktails with a twist.

Bespoke Tours

& Events

Looking for activities for a conference, a wedding, or any other group event? We can put together a program tailored to your needs and wishes. We do everything from online classes to bespoke in situ workshops and tours with winery visits, accommodation and restaurant bookings. 

Let's start planning!

What our customers say

Such a fun Demo!

“This was such a fun demo! Our host was clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about vermouth, and a great teacher. We did an online workshop as a corporate event for our clients, and it was highly appreciated by everyone.“

Suzie O. - Canada

- Make Your Own Vermouth

 A Gastronomic Revelation

“This was a gastronomic revelation for me who thought vermouth was a boring drink mixer. Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of quality vermouth, and how to pair different styles with your delicious "montaditos".

Andrew M. - UK

- Vermouth & Tapas

Mixology Class for the Stars

“So many great cocktails for my garden parties this summer. I truly enjoyed this online workshop, it's a mixology class for the stars. I had no idea that vermouth was so versatile.”

Margareta P. - Sweden

- Vermouth Cocktails