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Make Your

Own Vermouth

Yes, you can make your own vermouth! Vermouth is basically a spiced, fortified wine, but there are different ways to prepare it and to customize it to your unique taste. Traditional vermouth is usually made through the time-consuming process of cold maceration and infusion, but during this class we will speed up the process and steep the botanicals in hot wine to ensure full extraction during a shorter timeframe. By the end of the class, you will have your own bottle of vermouth.


In preparation for the online class, we will send you a list of the ingredients you need to make your very own vermouth, and during the class go through all the steps of how to prepare it. While we let the botanicals steep, we will present the history of vermouth and its predecessors, introduce you to some historical figures, and go through the more common ingredients used in vermouth around the world.


& Tapas

What can you serve with a glass of zesty white vermouth? What works best together with a spicy red? Vermouth comes in different flavour profiles that pairs with a variety of food. It is an ideal aperitif served with something savoury before the main meal, like olives, salty anchovies and potato crisps, but also works splendidly served with a cheese platter, smoked salmon or dark chocolate desserts. 


In this class, we will go through the main vermouth styles and what types of food they pair best with, and in preparation for the online workshop we will send you a list of the ingredients you need to make a selection of tapas to serve with different styles of vermouth. These are simple recipes so no professional cooking skills are required. It's more a question of finding exciting food pairings that take your vermouth experience to the next level.



Mixing cocktails is fun and the vermouth family is a very versatile drink mixer. In this online class, we learn how to make classic vermouth cocktails like Negroni, Manhattan and Dry Martini. We also introduce our own interpretations of other famous cocktails and new delicious creations. For a group reservation we can customize the class according to the style of cocktails that you like.


In preparations for the online class, we will send you a list of the ingredients that you will need, and what type of equipment we suggest. We recommend to do this experience together with a group of friends or colleagues so that you can share the cost of the ingredients required for the different cocktails. It's also more fun! During the class we will go through the recipes step by step so it's easy to follow for everyone.



Our online experiences are highly appreciated group activities during conferences and other events, and can easily be combined into a Vermouth Masterclass, or customized according to your shedule and wishes.

A class in making your own vermouth is a fun break in any corporate event, and maybe add in a competitive element and nominate the best vermouth at the end of the class. We can prepare the necessary ingredients and send to you in preparation for the online presentation. No need to travel anywhere! Don't hesitate to contact us for a customized vermouth experience.